“The constant happiness is curiosity.”
-Alice Munro

Everything looks a bit different when you come to your day with deliberate, new eyes. When you are open to being mesmerized, beauty and wonder can always find you.

The little things become field trips. And every good field trip deserves a story.

Stories are, after all, something of a trip themselves.

This is why I created Field Tripping Mag.

It is a distinctly Canadian travelogue that focuses on (mostly eastern) small towns, remote villages, forests, countrysides, coastal escapes, the Arctic and some metropolitan areas of Ontario, Quebec and the Maritime provinces.

Eastern Canada is a culturally rich region with so many different – yet sometimes overlapping – customs, traditions, languages and folklore.

So many vibrant, yet little-known shared histories.

And all just a quick little road trip or train, plane or boat ride away from one another.

I hope Field Tripping encourages you to visit and fall in love with the beauty, the curios and the kitsch of the region.

At the very least I hope it inspires you to look for the marvelous in the mundane and to live like a tourist – even if it is just once in a while, when reading on this site.

Bon voyage!


Field Tripping welcomes freelancer blog pitches and written submissions, themed photography, artwork, as well as collaborations and advertisement opportunities. You can find more information on submission guidelines and how to get involved here.

Don’t be a stranger – get in touch for details! Any questions? Send an email to ♡