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Field Tripping Mag publishes original art, photography, journalism, creative non-fiction, personal essays, reviews, listicles and commentary that fit our theme and mandate, primarily online. Select content, prioritizing new voices in Canada, will be published in print at least annually.

Submissions must be previously unpublished material.

Field Tripping Mag welcomes submissions from both emerging and established authors, as well as underrepresented writers, including but not limited to writers who are: Indigenous, of colour, immigrants, women, LGBTQI+, low-income, no-income or writers with disabilities. Please feel welcomed to state demographics such as race, age or gender in your pitch, submission or query. We understand there usually are negative consequences for stating any limitations in pitches and work offers but we assure you any demographic details shared with us will remain confidential and will be used solely to help us raise diverse voices through publication.


  1. Join the Writers’ Club. Interested in writing for Field Tripping Mag but need a little more inspo? Join our exclusive mailing list to receive submission call outs that include the story ideas, structure and direction we are looking for. These are sent out quarterly. Those who join the Writers’ Club are paid at least $150 per published feature, at least $100 per published photo story, at least $80 per short article, blog post or personal essay and at least $60 per review. That is about double what is paid to non-Writers’ Club Members. We look forward to being able to increase those amounts in the future. Writers’ Club Members are also guaranteed the opportunity to contribute – and be compensated – at least once per quarter. You become part of our VIP Mailing List and may also request free goodies available each quarter such as Fieldtripping totebags or stickers.
    + If you are interested in joining the Writers’ Club, please send a short bio and one writing sample to
    (Be sure to include what town you live in)

  2. Become a Featured Blogger. We are always looking for new Featured Bloggers to work with. Featured Bloggers are people who write for the website with a committed and regular schedule, usually in longer formats. They will do more features than Writers’ Club members and will have more creative freedoms. If you are interested in committing to blogging for, please prepare a bio, writing samples and a minimum of three blog pitches that you’d like to see carried out over the next few months. However, Featured Bloggers come up with their own pitches as well and don’t need to be part of the mailing list for pitch inspo. They may choose to anyway, and also may request free totebag or sticker goodies each quarter. They are paid the same rates as Writers Club members but are guaranteed at least one published work per month.

  3. No strings! Submit artwork, photography or a pitch with no strings attached.

+ For any non-solicited art, photo and illustration submissions

We are always looking for new art. That could be: graphic design, illustrations, collage or photography about Eastern Canada, its people, places, objects, flora and fauna. Keep in mind: the strange, the beautiful, the wondrous. We want to know about weird news, little-known histories, interesting inventions, obscure delicacies, quirky bed and breakfasts, abandoned amusement parks, the unusual habits of the fauna, folklore, or really, really special people doing amazing things in Eastern Canada. We pay $50 per individual piece but look forward to being able to increase that in the future.

+ For any non-solicited writing pitches or submissions –

People who are not Writers’ Club Members or Featured Bloggers may also pitch or submit written work.When these stories are accepted, edited and published, they are paid $80 per published feature, $50 per published photo story, $40 per short article, blog post or personal essay and $30 per review. We look forward to being able to increase those amounts in the future.

Please send your short bio, work samples and pitches or submissions to

Photo cred: Courtney Edgar


1. Before writing your pitch, we suggest you read the Our Mission section on this website to make sure your idea and approach jives. You should also familiarize yourself with the stories we publish by reading some of our work.

2. Please start your email subject line with the word “PITCH” and be sure to indicate in your email subject line if your story idea is timely or something akin to “breaking news.”

3. Field Tripping Mag is a progressive magazine. Sexist, racist, ableist, classist, homophobic and other exclusionary language is not tolerated in emails, comments, pitches or submissions.

4. Address your email to our Editorial Director, Courtney Edgar, at

5. In a short email, please describe:
+ The story you would like to tell, explaining why it’s important
+ What makes it a good fit for Field Tripping Mag
+ How you will go about researching, reporting, writing or photographing your assignment if approved and published
+ How long you think the story should be
+ If you will take photos to accompany the writing
+ If applicable, please include why you are the best person to tell this story.


6. On style and tone. We prefer a journalistic voice rather than academic. We prefer detail rather than briefs. We prefer a light maximalism rather than minimalism. We prefer lively rather than stuffy.

We are looking for: fresh, joyful, curious, witty, informative, smart, creative, positive, sassy, mysterious and entertaining. In other words: the natural voices of our readers.

7. Please wait to hear back from us about if the pitch has been accepted before beginning to work on it. If there are interviews or people to talk to in order to complete your story, please do not contact them until after the pitch has been accepted. We value your time and efforts but only select pitches can be accepted and published.

8. It may take up to two weeks to decide if unsolicited pitches or submissions will be accepted and for the Editorial Director to send a response. You may then be asked to submit a draft, provide more information or clarify your pitch, tweak the direction slightly or we may let you know your piece isn’t right for Field Tripping Mag right now.

9. If your piece is published, you own the copyright to your writing — we only request first publication rights and the right to publish the piece on our website. You are free to try to sell your piece elsewhere after we publish it.

10. All accepted work is subject to being substantially edited, proofread and tweaked to follow Canadian Press Style Guide before publication.

11. Payments are made electronically within 10 business days of publication.

12. On rejection. Rejection can be tough some times but please don’t feel discouraged if your pitch is not accepted. We are looking for very specific stories. We are certain there will be a place for that work somewhere else and we would love to keep hearing more pitches from you. Sometimes it takes five or 10 or even 20 rejections before a great story is placed exactly where it belongs. Sometimes a pitch grows into something more beautiful with each attempt.

We will be prioritizing emerging, unpublished, under-published and/or underrepresented voices. We want you to remember it is important to keep trying, keep writing, keep creating. We aim to give as much constructive feedback as possible and make a deliberate point to always be gentle and encouraging during the pitch, editorial and post-publication process.