The First Sunglasses Were Not Made For Beaches

Inuit, Yup’ik and other Arctic-living Indigenous peoples have been handcrafting sunglasses for at least 2,000 years. /// Cover art by: Megan Hunt, Nunavut artist currently based in Iqaluit. Follow her on Instagram: @mutecutes /// They go by many names. “Ilgaak” in the Nunavut Kivalliq dialect, “iggaak” in the North Baffin dialect, “nikaugek” to Central Yup’ik…

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Petal Bursts, Pigeon Breasts Or Cookies: An Uplifting History Of The WonderBra

One urban myth has it that Wonderbra ads have contributed to car accidents. There is an old archived BBC article that references the notion. While push-up bra billboards may or may not have distracted drivers into fender benders throughout the years, they have certainly turned heads. In fact, according to a CBC poll in 2007,…

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