Itinerary For A Social Distancing Stay-cation

Ideas for the armchair adventurer during a pandemic. This March Break is an unusual one. In the last few weeks the coronavirus pandemic has spread quickly to Canada, hitting us hard and fast in two of our most prized cultural institutions – the NHL and Parliament. Hockey was promptly cancelled and the prime minister and…

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9 Popular Literary Tourism Ideas For Book Lovers

Walk in the footsteps of your favourite writers or fictional characters on your next adventure. Who hasn’t closed a book or finished a story wishing the journey could continue? Or pondered what it would have been like to experience the settings of the characters you just spent time reading about? It’s not always clear where…

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10 Wild Snacks For Tundra Hikers In Nunavut

In Nunavut, the growing season for its native flora is so short that even the tallest plants will rarely have enough time and sun to get taller than a foot. For this reason, the leaves, flowers and berries of Nunavut stay quite miniature and lay low to the tundra ground. This is pretty fine though…

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